Patient Information

Newman Memorial Hospital would like to make your patient visit as simple as possible. Please find our hospital maps here to find out where to go for registration, as well as to familiarize yourself with the hospital departments. There is ample parking on all sides of the hospital. If you need help getting in the hospital or getting a wheelchair, you can call in to our operators at (580) 938-2551 and we will send someone out to assist you.


If you have questions about your bill you can call (580) 938-2551 or stop by to visit with a financial counselor.


At registration you will be asked to provide valid identification (most typically a driver's license or other state issued ID) and your insurance card. If you are uninsured you will not be turned away in an emergency situation. Please see our Emergency Department policy here. Self-pay patients are recommend to visit with the financial counselor to discuss payment options. If you visit the Urgent Care you will also be asked for your copay at the time of service. If you have any questions please see our contact information here.


Newman Memorial hospital is honored to serve you. If you have any feedback on your experience with us, please stop by the administration office.


Newman Memorial Hospital ER Policy

Every patient presenting to Newman Memorial Hospital's Emergency Room with a medical emergency or in labor will receive (within the capabilities of the Hospital's staff and facilities) an appropriate "Medical Screening Examination" and "Stabilizing Treatment", including appropriate transfer to another facility, even if they cannot pay, do not have medical insurance, or are not entitled to Medicare or Medicaid.


Medical Emergency

After completion of the "Medical Screening Examination", all patients determined to have a medical emergency or who are in labor will be treated by Newman Memorial Hospital without regard to ability to pay. However, the same payment provisions for patients described under non-emergency services will apply to patients at the time of dismissal.


Non-emergency (Clinic Visits)

If after completion of the "Medical Screening Examination", it is determined that a medical emergency does not exist, then all patients will be required to pay $100 minimum fee prior to being treated. This fee will be credited to the hospital's emergency room charges. These fees are NOT a payment in full for emergency room services. The total charge will vary depending upon the services utilized. The balance of the emergency room charges is due and payable in full upon receipt of the first statement.  A more cost-effective way to treat non-emergency medical issues, would be to visit our Urgent Care Clinic.


For more information on determining when to should go to the Emergency Room vs. The Urgent Care Clinic, click here.


We're Here to Serve Your Emergency

The Newman Memorial Hospital Emergency Department is staffed around the clock to meet the emergency medical needs of you and your family, but is not intended to take the place of a physician's clinic in treating minor medical problems.


Your Emergency Room Team

Physicians, medical student, nurses and other healthcare professionals staff our emergency room. They are fully trained and equipped to meet any medical emergency. Our active medical staff, people you know and trust, provide on-call physician coverage. If your problem occurs during office hours and is not a medical emergency, you may want to call your physician to determine if you should come to your doctor's office or have the problem evaluated and treated in the emergency room.


It Isn't Always First Come, First Served

We will make every effort possible to treat your problems as quickly as possible after your arrival. However, patients are seen according to the severity of their problem. Those in the most need of care will be seen before those with relatively minor problems. We will try to keep your informed for any delay in treatment.

905 South Main Street

Shattuck, Oklahoma 73858

Hospital: (580) 938-2551

Clinic: (580) 938-5400

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