905 South Main
Shattuck, OK 73858-9205
Phone: (580) 938-2551
Fax: (580) 938-2309
Admin Fax: (580) 938-2659
E-mail: rhayes@newmanmemorialhospital.org
Chief Executive Officer - Ext. 104
Jeffery D. Shelton

Outpatient Registration - Ext. 111

Purchasing - Ext.145
Toni Mingus

Laboratory - Ext. 122
Mike Wray, MT(AMT)

Health Information Management (HIM) - Ext. 282
Rachel Robinson

Physical Therapy - Ext. 200
Michelle Woods, RPT

Facility Management - Ext. 143
Shane Clem

WIC - Ext. 209 
Rhonda Crowson

Immunizations - Ext. 255
Jennifer Hill

Chief Nursing Officer - Ext. 236
Jennifer Coons, RN

Controller - Ext. 269
Bonnie O'Neill

Business Office
Manager Amber Jacobs - Ext. 154
Lynda Allen - Ext. 294
Ken How - Ext. 155

Clinical Resource Manager - Ext. 270
Katina Knowles

Surgery - Ext. 132
Brad Bunch, RRT, RN, RNFA

Radiology - Ext. 123
Nikki Ray, RT(R)

Dietary - Ext. 246
Kayleen Cox

Automated Phone System
If you know the extension number of the person or department you are trying to reach, you do not have to listen to the entire recorded message. Once the message begins and you know the extension number, dial it immediately and you will be connected directly to that party. To reach a patient's room; dial their room number in place of an extension number. If the person you are trying to reach is unavailable and they do not have a voice mailbox your call will automatically go back to the operator. If your party does have a mailbox and is unable to take your call, you will reach their voice mail recording. You then have several choices. You may leave a message as directed. You may press 3 to redirect your call to another extension. You may dial 0 to be connected with the operator or you may simply hang up. If you choose to leave a message your call will be addressed as timely as possible.